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NST has designed and manufactured a diverse range of technical products for the U.S. Armed Forces and defense contractors. We implement military custom sewing services and a variety of highly technically made products. We serve the U.S. Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and other defense contractors and agencies.

NST is a proud sewing contractor for the U.S. Government and Military. We have worked alongside with the U.S. Navy on providing a mobile pier side cut and sew apparel services operation for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with over 3,400 crew members. Our mobile outfitting and sewing services for sew-on rank insignias onto the collars of flame resistant variant (FRV) coveralls was a great success. Our processes, people, relentless work ethic, and strive to exceed the Navy's expectations was our ultimate goal. As a result, we had two admirals (highest rank normally achievable in the U.S. Navy) visit and tour our mobile operation. Being the first successful sewing contractor in history to set-up such an elaborate sewing operation was rewarding and the best learning experience. Our contracting officer stated that we are a model for the U.S. Navy and will be used as a case study.


NST works with defense contractors that provide tactical medical rescue products and accessories for combat medics. We have collaborated, manufactured, and brought our design expertise into mission critical care products that are currently being used and tested in combat territory. Our unique understanding and technical capabilities allows us to create elaborate life saving EMS kits, litter carrier bags, medic leg rig kits, and much more. The quality of our manufactured medical rescue products ensures the safety and integrity for our customers and the first responders whose lives they are committed to save.

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